Friday, September 21, 2007

I have confessions.

I'm starting to warm up to this election.

I've actually begun to see the personalities behind the masks: Biden, Obama, Giuliani.

Neo-Conservatism is dying, but its not dead yet. This MoveOn/"Betrayus" SNAFU is its last gasp. Its the Swiftboat scenario all over again. Some hyper-inflated sense of horror that somebody would dare call a general a name. God forbid. Generals are like uber boy-scouts -- in conservative American culture the Military is always virtuous, and it always acts in the name of preserving freedom, despite a massive quantity of evidence to the contrary.

But that's not my confession.

It is September '07 and I am prognosticating.

I'm gazing into my crystal ball.

And I see...


He's going to take this election.

What is more: the fact that I have always loathed Republicanism does not prevent me from being excited about him. In fact, I am far more excited about him than Hillary, whom I would appreciate and admire even if she weren't a Clinton. Obama is exciting. Biden seems like a wily pro. But Giuliani has maverick appeal.

Today he announced he's in favor of the second amendment.

I couldn't agree more.

The only two New Yorkers I admire more are my old boss, Kim Beauchamp at the Shoah Foundation, and Elliot Spitzer, from the Elliot Ness, Old-school the sycophant of hard as nails, old-School -isms of eld (Progressivism, , Sinclair, Stephens,

See, people are done to death of Neo-Con bullshit. That philosophy hit the cultural mileu with all the freshness of stale fart.

But people aren't exactly jumping into the arms of the 60s-style, politically correct, yogurt-blooded, self-righteous individuals who occupy the American left. Those folks have been pacified. Their revolution ended when Nixon said sayonara and the last helicopter left Saigon.

I like Giuliani because he seems to know how to handle power.
He is elloquent.
He is decisive.

I might not like him as much if I peeked into his policy decisions, but whose lookin? The guy has an award winning smile, and isn't a phony. The only thing worse than a Texan is a fake Texan. A fake Texan who cloaks himself in Jesus and the flag to keep from taking responsibility for starting a foolish war. Do I sound bitter?

Seriously, I will likely vote Democratic because the Republicans need to be punished for neo-conservatism. But I still think Giuliani is going to win.