Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Hey blog readers.

I'm still alive.

I'm submerged under mountains and mountains of time-consuming, blog-killing, k-rap which can be even more succinctly summed up as "obtaining a teaching credential." I work all day at a middle school, take classes at night, study on weekends and try to squeeze in real life (i.e. wife, art, friends) in between. I've found that I can get a smile out of the wife by waving to her through the living room window as I drive past on my way to wherever else I'm needed.

The lame part of my current arrangement aside, I have good news: I am done with my 2nd album. Its called "Crazy on the Run". Its been a long time coming (2 years since I released "King of the Hobos"). Finishing it in the midst of everything else has been an excercise in pulling out the mental machete and chopping off the arms of every (often) well-meaning motherfucker who tries to grab my time. It has meant grabbing dinner and dissappearing into the basement for long stretches. It has meant ignoring laryngitis and 8:00 a.m. teaching gig to sing the blues into a microphone at 1:30 a.m. etc.

But its here and making it was damn fun. Producing art, hanging out with peeps, kicking back are what make life worth living. The Man can have my time if he wants it, but I'll be damned if he is going to get his grimy meathooks on my [non-eternal] soul. My machete cuts through hooks, too.

If you want a copy of the album, fire me an email at: y e l l o w t a v e r n at h o t m a i l dot com under the heading "Crazy on the Run". The CD is free to all my blog readers, friends, family and interested pets.